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12 May

CrossFit..Are you the one?

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After years of eating my what my heart longed for…the time has come where the ball has dropped long ago.. Now last year this time when I was in Michigan, my workout craze was first listening to Eckhart Tolle while striding on the elliptical. This time – it was DailyBurn.  This helped! Jake was on […]

30 August



Zoey-Dragon running at the Troy Michigan dog park.

22 August

The Heidleberg Project

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The Heidleberg Project

One of my favorite places I visited in Detroit, MI. The Heidelberg Project is a whole block dedicated to the preservation of the neighborhood. A whole block filled with art that resembles a bad meth trip this is definite experience you won’t get in L.A. Surrounded by a deflated economy, this gives budget friendly attraction a whole new meaning.


Word on the street.

  • Michelle Fouty – Sales Manager

    Cynthia is knowledgeable, personable and detail oriented. While working with her, I have found a passionate professional dedicated to providing her customer with their desired product. Cynthia has many years of experience in the apparel industry and with this knowledge, she can take even a vague concept and deliver great results. She’s very creative and thoughtful in her designs. In addition, she understands the balance between quality work and short production times inherent to the garment industry. The above qualities combined make her a valuable asset to any company. I will definitely work with her again! She has my highest recommendation.

    - Michelle Fouty – Sales Manager
  • June Park – Colleauge

    ” Cynthia possesses a unique style that is visceral, tangible, emotional. I believe good design provokes thought, but great design evokes emotion, and Cynthia is able to realize a client’s vision while still injecting her own personal style into her designs. Having worked together under rigorous deadlines, I have seen firsthand the effort and efficiency with which she works; she could hit the ground running anywhere she chooses to go.”

    - June Park – Colleauge
  • Peggy Quayle – Director of Admissions at FIDM

    ” I would like to take a moment to recommend Cynthia Takahashi.  I have had the pleasure of working with Cynthia on a number of Graphic/Branding projects. She has continuously demonstrated outstanding creative ability while adapting to our crazy deadlines.”

    - Peggy Quayle – Director of Admissions at FIDM


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